Friday, March 19, 2010

Window Display

Selina Chiu

Strolling along streets, searching for an interesting topic for the urban observation assignment, I finally notice that I always peek into windows from one another without consciousness. Windows along the streets always attract my attention. People began using glass to be the major material of window from the recent decades. The transparency character of glass defines private and public spaces in a opportunity for people from inside and outside of buildings to communicate in different ways.

The collection of photos comes from downtown Seattle, University District and neighborhood near Green Lake. In different regions, windows show different applications.

Window displays are just a tiny, ordinary thing that exists around us everyday. Thinking about how its meaning and potential influences the city is really interesting. As long as we would like to observe our environment carefully and use our creativity to make our living place better, I believe every small element or usual activity can be meaningful and worth concern. I would image that in a commercial area, some stores might display their products which can interact with passersby; in an education district, students might display their study works to inform and update ner knowledge with neighborhood; in a residence community, neighborhood might hold window display competition occasionally and form the consensus of community wision together.

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