Thursday, March 18, 2010

Keeping the Local History

Gilbert Wong

Although the Wallingford Center could be considered as a measure of gentrification as many other neighborhood in this country. The difference is the local history is being maintained by keeping the original school building. The more important aspect of the success of the center is because it is being supported by the local community of Wallingford which is a primarily residential neighborhood with more affordable housing than other neighborhoods of the city.
The walkabilit to the Center from the neighborhood. Most of the shops on the 45th Street and Wallingford Ave. are not taller that 3 storey high. That is a good human scale. Many shops have apartments on top. That gives the “eyes on the street” benefit to better secure the safety issues in the neighborhood. The location is also served by public buses. The surrounding blocks have a wide variety of restaurants, shops, two cinemas and other amenities. The Center sits in the middle of a vibrant community.

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