Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cowen Park – a secret garden in the neighborhood

Cowen Park – a secret garden in the neighborhood
Cowen Park is a lovely park in a density neighborhood. I find people usually visit the park during weekend and the good weather day. And many of them are families, especially kids and parents. Parents usually bring their children to use the facilities in the park, and people living nearby use the park for walking with their dogs. However, compared with other parks in the UW area, it’s not a very popular one, even though it is easily to access. Not too many people know this park. The community is keeping renew this park to create more popular space, but it’s not very successful. There are several reasons: though the park is in a density residential area, many apartments are lived by students, and the students’ major activities happen in the campus. Only a few families live here, and most of the equipments in the park are just for family using. And mostly the facilities in the park are just for children. However, Cowen Park is a big and beautiful green area, then people use their way to represent themselves in the park. They draw and build in the park to use the park better for them.

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