Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Way Home with Sign Boards

Yoyo Hsieh

Everyday life

We get up, go to school and study. This is everyday life for most of the students. However, the most exciting part of the daily life for me is on the way home. Everyone must has a 'way' that connect school/workplace and home. 'What is on your way home?'

On the way back home, we take the same bus, keep seeing same view, same sign boards for 1 years, 3 years or more then 10 years. It does not matter what those signs are about. We see those signs but we never read them since we get too used to them. We see but we do not read, we hear but we never listen. Those sign boards speaks really loud to us by using vivid colors and neon lights. It seems that those sign board do not have relations or discourse between people. However, when we start to regard those signs are marks of way home, we starts to depends on those signs board psychologically. Those sign boards has same functions as landmark. Just like Tokyo tower to Tokyo, space needle to Seattle, those sign board tell people they are on their way home. There could be thousands of sign boards of Starbucks in the world; however, people feel differently when they see the one which is on their way home.

For me, I have 3 different ways back home during my life. One is from high school to home for 6 years, one is from Waseda University to home in Tokyo and the latest is from UW to home. Those 'way back home' is always a combination of different sign boards. The slide 1 and 2 contain series of photos that connect all the view I see on my way back home in Seattle. It starts from the sign on the bus which I take back home and go though Ave. Slide 2 shows that my way home is just like connecting the dots (the signs) in the dark night. The slide 3 shows the view I see on my way home when I was in Japan. Different from Seattle's one which lined in line, those sign broads are arranged into a surface form upside to downside from left to right. The slide 4 is an illustration drawn by my friend. The illustration shows those signboard has blended and become an essential part of landscape in people's mind.

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