Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Under I-5 Spaces

Jaehan Park

When we walk along the street, we can easily find discarded spaces in a city. Normally those spaces are in a poor condition: dark,dirty, stinky, etc.. Incase of Seattle, under the I-5 might be one of those examples. However, I found some good uses of under I-5 spaces.

1. Chinatown

With small effort: painting pillars, this space has been totally changed. They are able to identify and to beautify this space. However, large space is still used for just parking space.

2. Downtown

I don't know why they are fenced but it is good way to utilize this space. It is downtown, many people passes by everyday. Artists made a big change here, utilizing discarded space.

3. Fremont Troll

Troll was made by neighbor community to rehabilitate this space where was dumping ground or haven for drug dealers before. Now it became a famous tour place.

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