Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6th & Yesler Homeless Emcampment

Aaron White

Nestled under some evergreen trees on 6th and Yesler you will find a slice of the W.A.D.O.T. right of way that has been largely forgotten. Unused by Washington State and the City of Seattle, this triangle of land looks south-west to the massive stadiums and is blocks from numerous shelters in the downtown core. Even with a half dozen or so no trespassing signs posted across the site; many homeless people have called this triangle of land home for more than six months. On a drizzly day last week I spoke with Larry, the unofficial spokesmen for the encampment. He said that the police chief has stopped by regularly to check on the encampment and they seem to have in informal agreement with the city. The city recently dropped off a garbage can for the users and has started picking up garbage from the site twice a week. The city asked in return for the residents of 6th and Yesler to keep the site clean of trash and to keep the noise down in the evenings.

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