Sunday, March 14, 2010


By: Justin Jameson

Foulee market is located at the intersection of Columbian way and Beacon avenue (atop of Beacon hill). According to 2000 Census the surrounding areas demographic was primarily Asian (51%) followed by White (20%), Black (13%), Hispanic/Latino (9%) and others (7%) (Seattle PI) . The structure is somewhat odd, and (although not evident at first) seems to be the original structure of a house which was converted into a market. The assumption is that as business progressed the market had made the choice to expand. It appears that the market has expanded at least two times; the first expansion was seemed to have the intentions of being permanent (tin covered roof and walls). The second expansion was completed using metal poles and tarps; initial evaluation from the parking lots is that the expansion would be temporary. However, after further investigation it is clear that the poles had been permanently fixed to the ground and the tarps securely fastened. While shopping in the final addition space (tarp coved open area) the ambiance is that of an open market. However, upon entering the market it was obvious that the space had previously been a residential home. Under the tin addition were two residential garage doors and an entry door (which resembled a small mud room). The market extended further back into structure, through the garage space (now filled with fruits, vegetables and other perishables) and into the previous living space. The garage was easily defined by the still existing exterior siding inside. However, once through the garage the space was no longer recognized as residential.

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