Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Post Alley: Passage to Destination

Gawon Shin

The first several imageries that we might relate to alleyways are crimes, garbage, darkness, narrowness, puddles, isolation, danger, and so forth. Despite these typical negative perceptions, alleyways are important and necessary for the urban cities to properly function. An alleyway is an escape route, a communal space to collect waste, and a passageway. Understanding the significance of alleyway in an urban environment, the focus shifts from hiding to revitalizing the alleyways. Post Alley, located in downtown, Seattle, is an example of an alleyway that has transformed from a passage to a lively, attractive destination for multiple public. As the community started to add different layers of elements to bring more people and attention to the alley, the Post Alley has a characteristic of palimpsest in a smaller scale. Providing the community with public seating, signage, stores and restaurants, entertainments and performances, and plants, the Post Alley is one of the most active alleyways in Seattle.

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