Friday, March 12, 2010

Doorpaper Self-Introductions


These are the fruits of my attempt to "loosen" the corridors of my 176-unit apartment building.

We are a community of strangers. Elevator rides are generally silent. I wanted to turn the elevator into a collective art display, but couldn’t get the go-ahead from management.

Realizing that our doors are our own private space, I papered half the doors on the first floor with varied designs. I kept some design uniformity based on the building’s red logo, but left plenty of white space for personalization. As I decorated my own door, I was asked what I was doing in three languages. I met a handful of neighbors this way.

Many had removed their doorpaper by the next morning, but others participated. Four un-doorpapered neighbors asked to participate. Several others, alas, reported that their doorpaper had been removed anonymously and left in a heap in our building’s courtyard.

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