Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seattle Downtown Street Performers

Fuji Tjiang

Street performers are probably the best example in reclaiming spaces in an urban context. They claim their stages within the fabric and create a kind of conversation in that particular spaces. It is interesting to see what kind of spaces they choose and the reason behind it. Performers choose places within the urban fabric to capture people attention. Most desirable places are those with free access to a variety of public spaces, those with anonymous and diversified public and those with fluidity of meaning.

The sites that I am focusing are Pike Place Market and Westlake. These two spots are probably the most vibrant and busy in Seattle Downtown area. These are where people are rushing and flowing through the city, and they seem to be perfect choice for the performers. Pike Place Market is a desirable site as there is available audience for the performers as this place is always full of visitors, both local and foreign. Westlake is surrounded by shopping malls and stores, which provide a continuous flow of people. This condition is also preferable for the performers as this is where people are concentrated.

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