Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Urban Gallery

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This project is aimed at describing the intricate human processes involved in the creation of unauthorized urban art. It moves to focus on aspects of adaptation and transformation as well as the democratizing nature of this social phenomenon. It is these factors that culminate to form a constantly changing urban gallery. This urban gallery reflects hugely on the environment itself, the artists involved in its creation and the deeper pulse of the urban city.

This renegade art gallery is a fundamental part of the urban fabric within the city. These artistic expressions represent a huge cross section of culture and a strong sense of personality. Through this expression of ideas posted on the landscape the streets of Seattle are transformed into an omnipresent public gallery. This gallery is in turn used as a forum for the expression of diverse ideas, creativity, dissent, conflict and hope. The urban gallery provides a way for members of the community to literally leave their mark on the city.

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