Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Safety In An Urban Environment

Safety Methods Used in the Urban Environment
Lindsay Duin

Safety has been and will remain an underlying issue in the context of the urban environment. Safety is something people desire and need included in their everyday lives. It is appropriate to even say that safety is in someway involved in almost every aspect of people’s lives. It is essential. Because of this essential need of safety in life, people are willing to try all kinds of security related methods in order to obtain the feeling of safety. As I explored Seattle’s Belltown district, I came across different safety attempts that used a variety of methods, ranging from boarded or barred up windows, to six inch spikes atop doors and fences. Whatever the method was, it was obvious an attempt was made to keep unwanted people away. The problem with this tactic is, not only do these unpleasant elements have the potential to keep unwanted people away, but they also deter every other type of person from entering the space. These safety methods can lead to a lot of empty undesired spaces throughout the city because of the unpleasant atmosphere these elements create for people.

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