Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Title: Harbor Steps
Main body:
Rajan Katru

Seattle has a very Unique typographic situation in terms of the hills and slopes in the urban area. This creates a very difficult situation for designing active urban spaces. The Harbor Steps is a site that reflects creative design solutions to the sloped hill it sits on. It also offers a much needed pedestrian connection to from the active 1st ave to the Western Blv. and the waterfront. This private development is virtually a "city within a city" and represents muti-use development approach, rooted in post-modern urban planning. Conceptually it is the "common space" for the residents and visitors to the developlment. There are restaraunts, a hotel, coffee shop and a spa in the development. The space has a lack of connection to the north to Pike Place and could see a major increase in user when the 99 highway is deconstructed. It gets used troughout the year for art displays, concerts, and other public events.

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